Business Development and Investments


  • PV Consult Ltd. made a new international-market entry through establishing a subsidiary in Mongolia, where a 30 MW large-scale solar photovoltaic plant was successfully completed in the Sainshand region.
  • Three projects with a total installed capacity of 1.4 MW were constructed in Sweden, as well as 105 MW in Russia.
  • 214 MW were successfully completed and added to PV Consult projects’ list.


  • PV Consult Ltd. continued to extend its international reach with projects in Kosovo 60 MW, Russia 30 MW, and Australia 20 MW.
  • Established a new local branch in Moldova, constructed several solar PV projects with a total installed capacity of 25 MW, and continues to seek long-term partnerships in the region.
  • Additionally, 103 MW were added to the company’s portfolio.
  • PV Home presented their pilot product, an energy-independent family house, and revolutionized the sustainable living.


  • The company entered the renewable energy market in Turkey with the construction of 19.2 MW.
  • Built the largest solar farm in Belarus with a total installed capacity of 140 MW and singed a contract for several large-scale renewable energy projects in the region.
  • Secured numerous solar photovoltaic projects in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Belarus, UK and Romania, and added 69 MW to the company’s reference list.


  • PV Home was established, a company that specializes in the construction of innovative energy-efficiency solutions, such as energy-independent family houses and buildings powered by alternative and renewable energy sources.
  • PV Consult Ltd. invested in Wega Power, a company which developed technical specifications for a 2.5 kW windmill enabling energy production in weak wind conditions. Since 2018 the company has launched a product assembly and manufacturing process.
  • Investment in a company providing data monitoring and service reports for advertising agencies. Presently, Adtrade is a leader in the field of digital marketing.
  • Projects with a total installed capacity of 76 MW were completed in Austria, Belarus, Germany and the UK.


  • Established a new subsidiary in Belarus and obtained a full set of licenses to operate within the country.
  • Entered the UK market and built 5 projects with total installed capacity of 61.1 MW. Simultaneously the company was executing projects in Italy, Austria and Morocco.
  • Acquired shares in InnoLED, a supplier of high-quality LED luminaries and energy-efficiency products. InnoLED is one of the leading technology developers of LED-related lighting solutions in the Bulgarian market.
  • Acquired shares in BG Menu – food delivery company.


  • Our company established a new branch in Morocco and constructed the country’s first solar PV plant near the capital Rabat.
  • Expanded their operations in Germany with projects adding up to 8.3 MW, while securing projects in Austria, Romania and Bulgaria.


  • PV Consult Ltd. expanded their international presence with projects in Romania and Austria. The company started the first stage of constructing 45 MW of a 115 MW solar power plant in Romania.
  • During this period our organization added 79.3 MW to their project’s portfolio.


  • The company developed three 3 MW solar PV projects in Albania and worked in cooperation with a well-known Austrian investor for the construction of an 8.4 MW solar power plant.
  • PV Consult Ltd. acquired 100% of shares in Dimsol, restructured the finance and constructed a 2.8 MW solar PV project. In 2017 100% of the power plant shares were sold.


12.3 MW were added to the company’s portfolio including 2 large-scale projects with total installed capacity of 7.1 MW in Italy.


PV Consult Ltd. expanded its business operations in Italy with the construction of an 8.4 MW large-scale photovoltaic power plant.


A solar PV project with an installed capacity of 1 MW was constructed in Bulgaria in cooperation with an Austrian investor.