PV Consult Near Completion Solar Park in Castaño, Spain

PV Consult Announces Near Completion of 133 MWp Solar Park in Castaño, Spain

We are thrilled to announce that PV Consult is nearing the completion of our latest project, a state-of-the-art solar park located in Castaño, Spain. This ambitious project is set to contribute significantly to Spain’s renewable energy landscape with a substantial capacity of 133 MWp.

Project Highlights

  • Location: Castaño, Spain
  • Capacity: 133 MWp
  • Project Type: Ground Mounted PV Systems

The Castaño Solar Park is a testament to our commitment to advancing clean energy solutions and supporting Spain’s goals for sustainable development. Once operational, this solar park will provide renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener future.

You can see the drone update from the project in the beautiful Segovia region:



Why This Project Matters

  • Environmental Impact: By harnessing solar power, the Castaño Solar Park will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Economic Benefits: The project has created numerous jobs during its construction phase and will continue to provide employment opportunities for maintenance and operation.
  • Energy Independence: Contributing to Spain’s renewable energy capacity, this project will help decrease reliance on fossil fuels and enhance energy security.

Environmental Practices During Construction 

Under the direction of our partners Ib Vogt, the construction of this project has adhered to highest environmental and construction practices. The procedures we have in place ensure that damage to flora, fauna, soil, and water during construction and onward is minimalised or mitigated. At Castaño, this includes:

  • A plantation of at least 6.79 ha within the perimeter of the solar plant of native shrub and trees
  • The use of herbicides or other chemical products for vegetation control are prohibited
  • Working outside of breeding seasons to avoid affecting fauna species
  • Nesting boxes for native birds
  • Archaeological control of all earthworks to protect against negative impacts
  • Ensuring that under no circumstances will oil, fuel, lubricants or other similar substances be discharged into the ground or into watercourses

Thank You to Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners who have played a crucial role in bringing the Castaño Solar Park to fruition. Your expertise, dedication, and support have been invaluable throughout this journey. Together, we are making a significant impact on the environment and paving the way for a sustainable future.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you and continuing our journey towards a sustainable future.

Solar Residence – Energy Efficient Building in Sofia

Solar Residence – Energy Efficient Building in Sofia

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Solar Residence, our latest endeavor set to redefine residential living in Bulgaria. Situated in an up-and-coming neighborhood in the capital, this project introduces a revolutionary approach to energy efficiency, marking a significant milestone in the country’s real estate landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Energy Efficiency at the Forefront: Our development places a strong emphasis on sustainability, offering residents a forward-thinking solution for modern living.
  • Innovative Solar Facade: Experience the future of real estate with our pioneering solar facade installation, seamlessly integrating green energy production into everyday life.
  • Reduced Dependency on the Grid: By harnessing renewable energy sources, residents enjoy lower energy consumption and decreased reliance on traditional power sources.
  • Harnessing Solar Power: Utilizing south and east-facing building facades, as well as rooftop panels, our system boasts a capacity of over 50 KWP.
  • Elegance and Functionality Combined: Our development combines elegance with practicality, providing residents with a truly exceptional living experience.
  • User-friendly System at Your Fingertips: Our system is equipped with cutting-edge software from Schneider, allowing residents to monitor their energy consumption in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard.

We are thrilled to create one of the future landmarks in Bulgaria’s vibrant capital city. Solar Residence is more than just a building; it’s a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation