– Research of regulatory framework and lobbying with local authorities and agencies;
– Selection and purchase of land plots;
– Structuring of company (including legal and accounting);
– Idea design of PV parks and power grid connections;
– Evaluation of geodesy and geology indicators and conditions;
– Measuring solar radiation;
– Acquisition of permits from the corresponding authorities and municipalities;
– Signing preliminary contracts with utilities companies and power grid operators

PV Consult utilizes the collective knowledge and expertise of four electrical designers, building engineers and a computer sciences engineer in order to provide the complete engineering and design of photo-voltaic projects. We offer legal analysis and a design software as well as rich experience in the design of solar power plants. By 2018 PV Consult has done more than 170 complete project designs, completed with different types of equipment in different countries and according different regional regulations.

Services offered as part of photo-voltaic installation, preliminary research and pre-design stage include:
– Solar energy audit
– Choosing the appropriate inverter type and photo-voltaic panels that would best fit the specific conditions
– Preparation of preliminary electrical design of the photo-voltaic system.
– Expected electricity yield evaluation; comparing at least two applicable technological solutions; optimization of each solution according to the characteristics of the inverters/panels chosen; final calculations and conclusions about the expected yield, number of modules required, module connection parameters;
– Financial parameters evaluation, IRR and repayment period – Detailed design plans, including construction building plans, electrical design and utility grid connection details

Engineering and design of full functional PV systems including: modules, inverters, cabling, supporting infrastructure. Preparation of site including excavation and levelling procurement and installation of all equipment for:

– Power generation, including PV modules, invertors, mounting systems, cabling;
– Transformer stations;
– Monitoring and signalling systems;
– Lighting protection;
– Supporting infrastructure, including fencing, roads, and video observation systems Commissioning and testing of completed power plants

PV Consult offers full O&M service and currently maintains 18 PV plants totalling over 50MW of installed power. Through the use of a sophisticated monitoring system, the conditions and energy production of the PV plants are constantly being monitored, assuring adequate preventive or corrective measures in case of failures. An array of sensors installed on each PV plant provides extensive parameters readings to the monitoring system used by the employees in the dispatch justify. Highly experienced onsite technicians with the appropriate qualification are always on standby, ready to respond to the information from the dispatch and correct the incurring failures in a short period, maximizing the availability and performance of the installation. Additional services such as grass trimming and panels washing are also offered, all conducted by qualified personnel with professional equipment. PV Consult offers occasional O&M services to non-contracted plants as well.

PV Consult operates with worldwide leaders in the supply of the equipment necessary for building photovoltaic power plants. The company has a dedicated department focused on ordering and delivering equipment to customers and PV Consult’s own projects. The experts who work in the department have long-term experience and the necessary qualifications, enhanced through a number of training seminars in Europe. PV Consult has established relationships with leading manufacturers of modules, invertors, stands and manufacturers of electronic equipment such as cables, electrical boxes and alternative current panels: all the components necessary for the construction of a photovoltaic power plan.

– Periodic maintenance
– O&M activities reports
– Keeping a strict O&M report log
– Improvement suggestions