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Tailored Project Design Solutions

PV Consult offers specialized project design services tailored to the requirements of your solar park development project. Our dedicated team of experts prioritizes innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to create comprehensive design plans that optimize energy generation, ensure compliance with regulations, and address environmental considerations. Whether you are initiating a new solar park project or seeking improvements for an existing one, our design services provide a strategic roadmap for cost-effective and environmentally responsible solar energy solutions.

Our Services

  • Plant design: conceptual and detailed technical design for large-scale and rooftop power plants 
  • Layout and shading: general layout, tilt angle, PV module configuration, inter-row spacing, orientation 
  • Technology selection: modules, inverters, transformers, mounting structures 
  • Electrical design: DC system (PV array design, inverter sizing, cable selection and sizing, module and string cables, main DC cable, combiner boxes, connectors, DC switching, MCBs); AC system (AC cabling, AC switchgear, sizing and selecting transformers, inverter selection, plant substation, earthing and surge protection);  
  • Grid connection: Plan and design grid interconnection, including transmission lines, substations, and grid synchronization. 
  • Solar energy audit: energy yield prediction, solar irradiation calculations 

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